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ESTA / אסטה

ESTA, founded in 1979 by Shlomo Deshet and Ori Beanstock is one of Israel's most original and innovative bands. Performing as a group for over 30 years, Esta is among a handful of visionary artists to fuse Middle Eastern, Jewish, Balkan, Mediterranean, African, Celtic and Western influences into its own pan-global sound, creating an uplifting fresh sound that crosses genres styles or borders. Read more...

The current members of Esta

  • Shlomo Deshet: Drums, Shofar, Vocals, Percussion, Darbuka, Congas, Bongos, Riq, Frame Drums, Melodica.
  • Ori Beanstock: Quarter Tone, Eight String and Electric Guitars, Bouzouki, Jumbush, Suz.
  • Bentzi Gafni: Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards.
  • Yoni Dror: Saxophones, Duduk, Flutes, Shofar, Fugara, Zorna, Ney, Bagpipes.


ESTA's first album was released in 1990 in Israel by M.C.I. Records and was greeted with considerable acclaim. Following a series of performances in Paris, the album was distrubuted (from November 1992) by BUDA E.P.M. Records all over Europe.
Mediterranean Crossroads
The second album, (1996 / Newance / More / NMC), is a cross between a middle eastern zorna, darbuka, bouzouki, bagpipes, electric guitar, soprano sax with a rocking jazz fusion band!!!! You have never heard Dror Yikra or a Hassidic Nigun played like this before!
Home Made World
In their third album, (2002 / Newance / NMC), Esta seems to have taken its multicultural approach to the nth degree. The 11-track album incorporates Persian, Yemenite and Iraqi motifs along with rock, jazz and blues. Their Eastern rendition of the Moody Blues' "Nights In White Satin" is, possibly, the ultimate cross-cultural fusion. Rock fans will, no doubt, also dig the band's version of U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," which features local rock megastar Rami Kleinstein

Esta Old Website (2002)

Contact: Shlomo Deshet Cell: 972-52-3628912 Email: